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International research cooperation has led to some of the most important scientific discoveries and technical advances from the Higgs particle to a vaccine for COVID-19. However, increasing barriers to international partnerships in science and technology due to geopolitical tensions threaten to dismantle one of the most significant achievements of the postwar era – our ability to bring scientific communities together across geopolitical lines – at a time when collaboration is most urgently needed.

We must create new ways to bring our best scientific minds together and develop international solutions for the urgent crises that we face today and will confront us in the future.

Drawing on the lessons learned from global disasters such as the impact of climate change, the current pandemic, and the ongoing threat of war, we must supercharge the transatlantic science relationship to become a global driver of transformative research.

The Transatlantic Big Science Conference is a two-day invitation-only event and will bring together scientific and political leaders from the United States, from Europe and the rest of the world to explore how to (re)invigorate historic cooperation between major research organizations and how to empower research communities to chart new roadmaps to create transformational and sustainable solutions to global challenges and strengthened resilience in our societies.

The Conference consists of plenary sessions (opening, five thematic and closing). Following the conference, partners will publish an outcome document in the form of a declaration to strengthen and expand creative and efficient scientific partnerships in variable geometries.